Amid Giants & Idols

So Monday night I sat amid giants & idols like Missy Mazzoli, Beth Morrison, Royce Vavrik and David Devan; producers of contemporary opera in America – women & men spearheading the future of this medium for the rest of the world to follow. If you can imagine what a flea hovering about your head must feel like […]

Ten Minute Tragedy: A Soccer Opera

Assignment #6 – Write a scene with 2 people in a room. Happening offstage––outside of the room––is a major moment in history. Setting – Dressing room of team Peru at Estadio National in Lima, Peru May 24, 1964 Baritone: Hector Chumpitaz (aka: El Capitan de America) – Legendary Peruvian footballer in the prime of his career having […]

Setting, Pacing & the Structure of Time/Place in Theatre: Abduction of the Chibok Women of Nigeria

Assignment #5 Write a scene about a moment of crisis, slowing and/or speeding up time for dramatic effect. If possible, have the location play a role in the crisis. Night time in Chibok, Nigeria April 14th, 2014  The scene opens quietly on a girl’s dormitory. The main light source is from a flood light outside that […]

Dark but not Idle

As the Under Armor ad featuring Michael Phelps says at the tag line… It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light So no, I’m no Michael Phelps but the message I take away from this gorgeous piece of video work is: just keep going. 4 weeks ago I put myself into a playwriting […]